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Anne Grete Nissen - Without A Stitch (1968)

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No, come on... phew, let's not go.
He was touched by her words, leaning towards her, he hugged her and said:
“I see you have changed, I see for the better and it’s good, otherwise you went around like a fool, you were afraid of every rustle,” Slava said, wondering how sex can change a person.
The third person left the dacha.
The woman sobbed aloud from the sweetness, and she herself tried to make her father get into her as deeply as possible. At some point, she remembered that she had begun dangerous days for pregnancy, but this only increased the thirst to feel his seed inside her. The joy of motherhood ceased to be a ghostly dream, and Lyuba became joyful from this. At some point, she suddenly realized that it was the subconscious desire to give birth to an offspring that led her to the fact that now the male flesh was moving in her, delivering pleasure, which she had never had with her husband.
You don't know your talents yet.
I only remember that at the end, they fucked me as a foursome. Two in the vagina, one in the ass, one in the mouth. But here I have not received physical pleasure, rather the opposite. Here I got moral pleasure, from the knowledge that four men have me at once.
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And he began to work with the language right on this branch.
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For a couple of minutes we sat in all directions and sipped tea and cookies. Jackdaw was silent and somehow conceived. Therefore, we were a 18 surprised by her words.
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Olya, I want you.
The apartment turned out to be a bit strange - it was large (at least three rooms, with high ceilings and large rooms) and almost empty. There was no furniture or other obvious signs of human habitation here.
Taking out a member, I drove it into her ass. We both moaned in unison and came. There was a knock on the compartment door.

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